Selective Perspective Detective Objective

Grab the smart phone, Watson! It's time to earn prizes while you explore every nook and cranny at Big Omaha with Selective Perspective Detective Objective (SPDO). SPDO (pronounced: spee-doh) is a interactive seek and find game with a twist. All you need is a QR reader and Twitter account. Start sleuthing and race to the top of the leaderboard.

Get clues and tips on Twitter: @spdo2011

  1. Find!
  2. Scan!
  3. Earn!
  • Smart Phone

    You need a mobile device with a camera and web connection. So, I guess you could use an iPad 2, you weirdo.

  • QR Reader App

    Any QR Reader should work. Recommendations for:
    iPhone / Android / Other

  • Twitter Account

    We use twitter to authenticate. Your twitter username will be your SPDO username.

Register now! Online!

By the power of the internet, you can register online! To get started just scan the target below with your mobile device.


You didn't think we would have you do all that work just for fun, did you? Those that top the leaderboard win cold hard cash money.

Have fun!

If you have any questions or need help, please email